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Why Is Kindness Important: Best 5 Reasons

Why Is Kindness Important: Best 5 Reasons
why is kindness important

If you can be anything in life, Be Kind. The emphasis and value of kindness have been shared and discussed for centuries across all religions, cultures, and civilizations. In today’s world of social media, quotes about kindness are in the top 5 list of all the quotes posted.

But what is kindness? How do you define kindness? Is it mere actions performed at a specific time, or is there more to it? Why is kindness important?

According to the Oxford dictionary, kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. Let’s start at the basic level, a local football team returning from training, exhausted, seeing an older woman and two young children carrying big grocery bags. They notice that every few steps, the older woman, is changing hands as the grocery is heavy. The team steps forward, walks five extra blocks, and drops the grocery at the old lady’s house.

These young men had the option to go home, have a hot bath, rest, and have dinner, but they decided to go the extra mile for a stranger. Why may you ask? The old lady had nothing to give to them in return except a Thank You. This is kindness, an act performed with no expectations because it is the right thing to do.

Generosity, goodwill, good intentions, positive behavior, and many more qualities form the core of being kind. Holding the door for the person behind you at the mall, giving up your seat on a train for a pregnant lady, an appreciative comment to the person who has made you dinner, all of such acts are kindness in action.

Your actions don’t need to be magnanimous or for others to see, little things done when no one is watching are kindness in its truest form.

To further add, kindness can sometimes be expressed without actions too. The choice that a young lady makes in a high school corridor to not make fun of a fellow student is kindness, the choice that a teacher makes to not point out the obvious fault in a student’s presentation in front of the whole class and instead speak to them in private is kindness, the choice that a nurse from the pediatric oncology department makes to ignore the tantrums of a four-year-old struggling with a stage 4 neuroblastoma and still smile is kindness.

What are the benefits of being kind?

Kindness is beneficial for the mind and body

Science says that a hormone called serotonin is the key hormone that stabilizes our mood and happiness. It is also associated with your satisfaction. Guess which hormone is going nuts in your body when you perform an act of kindness? It is indeed serotonin. It doesn’t stop at this; our body also releases oxytocin, which helps expand our blood vessels, which helps reduce blood pressure and strained heart vessels. So you can now see, kindness to others is kindness to your heart.

Even on the emotional and mental level, acts of kindness allow the easing of pain and anxiety. One of the best ways to control your anxiety or nervousness is to help someone else. It has been identified that you can help calm your issues with depression, anxiety, loneliness, and aggression by performing acts of kindness for others. Through kindness, we help ourselves by helping others. Do we still need more reasons to be kind?

Kindness Improves Relationships

You can heal your relationships with yourself, the people around you, and the ones you have helped by being kind. It leads to the strengthening of relationships and fostering an environment of respect and stronger emotional ties. Kindness allows you to break down walls and build new bridges.

People you never thought you could relate to come closer and understand them better, and they understand you by a simple act of kindness. We all know that it is a lot easy to get along with someone kind and gentle. It is a lot easier to forgive and forget someone’s mistakes when they are kind.

Why Is Kindness Important? it’s contagious!

Often people treat you as a reciprocation of how you treat them. This may seem more relevant when it comes to negativity, but it holds strong, especially when it comes to kindness. Treat people with kindness, and nine times out of 10, you will be treated with kindness too.

There is a beautiful video on the internet that shows the chain reaction started by the kindness of one person. During the video duration (around 5 minutes), you witness one kind act leading to another. Now you can argue that it may be orchestrated, but the point is, when you are treated with kindness and respect, you pass it on whether you realize it or not. As human beings, more often than not, we pass on what we have received. You give kindness and respect love to someone; they will most probably pass on to the next person.

A couple of paragraphs earlier, we spoke about how a teacher exhibits kindness by not calling out a mistake in a student’s presentation in front of the whole class and discussing it privately. In the scenario, the student who has received such kindness will learn from their mistake and learn how to be kind when they notice somebody else’s shortcoming. The one who receives kindness understands the value and learns to pass it on to the next person.

A parent whose only child receives blood transfusion for their cancer treatment is highly likely to become a blood donor. A family member whose parents or siblings have received a kidney transplant will be more likely to raise their hand when given an option for a kidney donation. An act of kindness can trigger a pay-it-forward ripple effect, where the chain keeps getting longer and longer, and the effect keeps getting wider and wider.

How To Be Kind To Others

We have all heard of Noah’s ark, where God ordered him to make an ark and save every living species from impending demise. In today’s world, every time you turn on the TV or look at the newspaper, you can see hatred, racism, violence, and greed taking over the world.

We all need to build our own ARK. This ARK stands for Acts Of Random Kindness. We all need to try and perform at least one random act of kindness for someone. It could be a family member, a co-worker, a fellow student, or even a stranger. The building of this ARK needs to start from an individual, and then it will spread around. These acts don’t need to be grand gestures; often, the smallest acts have lasting effects.

Being Aware

We need to develop a state of mind where we are constantly aware and looking for an opportunity to share kindness with the world. This awareness can lead to an inflow of humility in our lives because when we are looking forward to helping others, we would be less engrossed in ourselves.

Our ego will take a backseat in our lives, and what we can do for the world will take a precedent. We will learn to put the needs of others before us. By being aware and ready to grab the first opportunity to help someone, we create a better version of ourselves.

Thou Shall Not Judge

The first step on the path of kindness is to let go of the judgmental attitude that we may have in our hearts. We can never know what is going on in someone’s life, the battles every person is fighting, so being judgmental is the futile exercise ever undertaken by any one of us.

In a world where one’s life on social media can be the polar opposite of their real-life, it is hazardous and unkind to be judgmental. Let us choose the path of kindness with no strings attached, no judgments, no pre-conceived notions. Let us put aside our judgments and be kind. A small word of encouragement, a little help can go a long way in making someone’s day.


An action is the most important part of the process of exhibiting kindness. We may be aware and looking out for an opportunity, we may have shelved our judgmental attitude, but if there is no action associated with the thought, then all of it counts for nothing. Let us strive to be courteous, considerate, and respectful to everyone around us.

Unconditional Kindness

An act of kindness ceases to be one when there is an expectation or a condition associated with it. When you get an opportunity to be kind to someone, don’t think about “What’s In It For Me”? Do not proceed with an act with an expectation attached to it.

The actual reward of kindness is the positive vibe you feel inside and the vibe you spread around you. So many times, we have seen on social media videos being posted of people recording their acts of kindness, and as a viewer, you know this is not real kindness. Such acts performed for likes and recognition add nothing to your life.

A true act of kindness makes you humble, respectful to others, and accepting despite differences.

Being Kind To Yourself

Kindness is an essential part of the human experience. But it is not limited to be expressed and shared with others; it needs to be shown to ourselves. But the question arises, what does it mean to be kind to ourselves? It is an essential form of self-care and the core foundation of being kind towards others. Kindness to yourself is like the instruction provided in airplanes, where they ask you to put on your oxygen mask first before you help others with their masks. You need to be able to treat yourself with kindness before you can share your kindness with others.

We often make promises to our friends, family, and ourselves, and sometimes we cannot fulfill these promises. Sometimes, we set targets for ourselves and create expectations, and sometimes we fail to live up to these expectations. It is times like this when we need to be kind to ourselves. Accept that we are humans and cannot do everything. We need to accept that sometimes even after the best of our efforts, we may fall short of our targets and expectations. We need to learn to give ourselves the benefit of the doubt and not drown ourselves in negativity.

Here are just a few simple ways to show yourself a bit of kindness today and every day.

Avoid Comparison

Comparisons never helped anyone. We live in a world where people show off their perfect lives on social media but struggle daily in life. We can never know what someone is going through, so it makes no sense to assess your journey compared to others. TV, social media, and advertising have created a utopian idea of how our life should be. We need to take a step back, analyze our life from our perspective, and decide how far we have come or how far we have to go. If you wish to be kind to yourself, learn to stay away from the temptation known as a comparison.


Each and every one of us has been blessed with skills and abilities. We need to be aware of our strengths and acknowledge as much as we acknowledge our weaknesses. We need to believe in our abilities to do the best and strive for excellence. Often we indulge in negativity and self-criticism, which leads us to be hard on ourselves and put ourselves under extra pressure. Self-awareness allows us to put such negative thoughts in the proper perspective and see things for how they are.


You need to understand that it is absolutely fine to sometimes not interact with others. It is absolutely fine to find some alone and quiet time for yourself. This time will give you the ability to recharge yourself and come back stronger than before. You need to understand that seeking time to recharge yourself is not being selfish, but as a matter of fact, a fully charged person can help others in a much better way than someone who is struggling with themselves.

we hope the question of why is kindness important is answered!

In conclusion, always be ready to be kind to others and yourself. Remember, Kindness is a Boomerang. The kindness you give will often come back to you multi-fold, and this holds for the kindness you have shown yourself.

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