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Best Advice! When nothing goes right go left

Best Advice! When nothing goes right go left

What’s the meaning of, when nothing goes right go left?

This quote means that we should try our best to convert a negative situation into a positive one.

In life, you get to a point where nothing seems to be going right. There was this time when I felt this way. My finances were bad because I had lost my job, broken up with my partner, and am pregnant here. Not just pregnant but pregnant with twins. This situation meant that I needed money to cater to my needs and the needs of my upcoming children.

It was tough. I had to do something. I started baking from my house and sell my cakes from across the streets. Because things were not going right, I went left. To my surprise, people loved my cakes, and I needed an extra hand. That’s how my bakery store started. So, what brings you to this article? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Keep reading along and take that left turn.

What does it mean when nothing goes right go left?

As the saying goes, “making lemonade out of lemons” this phrase suggests making something good out of something bad. It means turning a bad situation into a good situation. Sometimes we struggle so much in situations that seem to be failing us each time. We tend to think that nothing goes right in our lives. But, have you tried going left? In other words, have you tried doing it differently?

Do you find friends and lovers online who turns out to be a disappointment? Don’t give up and say you may never find your match. Go out, have fun enjoying your hobbies and make like-minded friends. This way, you may find friends who make you happy or find a soul mate that enjoys doing things together.

This saying, “when nothing goes right, go left,” may be used to mean that we should thrive on making a negative situation into a positive one.

What lesson can we learn when nothing seems to be going right?

Did you know, when things seem to be going wrong, we learn the most? When you think that nothing may be going right, it might be the time with the greatest potential. Take my situation, for instance. I was jobless, pregnant, and heartbroken, with no romantic support. But at my most vulnerable time, I used what I knew best to start all over again.

I loved baking, and it took my worries away. I say that I baked my problems away. And it led me to be the entrepreneur I am today. So, if you think that nothing seems to be going right, take a while and think again.

What good might come from your situation? At this time, count the positive achievements in your life. These memories will keep your mood up. You will discover something good out of your situation if you stay positive.

Learn a lesson from your negative situation and propel yourself from there. We may feel some resistance in asking for help, but if you have a support system, this might be the time for people to chip in. ask for guidance and do what you feel will get you from the miserable situation.

Don’t let a bad situation carry you along

when nothing goes right go left
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In my career as an entrepreneur, I have seen many people let bad situations drag them along with them. One friend experienced some great losses in his grocery supply business. With bad economic time and financial strain at home, he lost it. The depressions send him downhill, and he lost both his family and his business.

As I have said, don’t let a bad situation drug you along. If you feel that everything isn’t going right, try the following.

  • Speak to a financial adviser if you need to save your business

  • Speak to a marriage counselor if you feel that you might be losing your family

  • Try business if looking for jobs prove difficult

  • Try talking to the people you feel your friendship or relationship revolve around them

Try facing your problem head-on, and don’t allow yourself to lose it. When you feel things may be going as expected, try other means to get to your destination.

So, what do we do when nothing goes right?

Is it time for you to start acting? I often say, in times of desperation, something good comes up. Now that we have seen the importance of staying positive and not letting bad situations ruin us, what’s the next step? The next step involves the action step.

By accessing our situation, we get to learn about our possibilities. Look at the window that may open depending on your situation. Gather courage and start walking into the path of light. It might be the right time:

  • To start looking for those jobs from office to office

  • Venture into that business you have wanted for years

  • Make a bold step to visit a canceller

  • Talk to your partner about your worries

Gather all the energy to actualize what we have learned so far. By doing so, you may unlock your potential. As our saying, you have started going left. You have started on the positive path of your negative situation. Keep pressing on.

What will you do to stay positive when nothing goes right?

When you feel that nothing goes right and decide to stay positive, you will need all the energy to stay positive. Consider doing the following to remain the positive path.

  • Meditate about your life and dwell on the positive side. By thinking about the good things in your life, you don’t feel sad, withdrawn, or depressed. You may also think of the future better plans you intend to take to make a turn in your life. This way, you attract positive energy in your life.

  • If you have started having a change in how you do things, stay focused and committed. Don’t allow past failures to hinder you from getting to your success.

  • Surround yourself with ambitious and positive people. You might be struggling with drug abuse and other emotional problems. Consider getting psychological help to turn your life around. Also, if you have started a positive financial route, interact with other financially prosperous individuals to grow.

  • Always remember that the power for a good future remains in your hands. You may turn your life whichever way you want to. Don’t give in on the negatives but always challenge yourself on better ways to bring yourself out of any tough situation. If you believe you can, you will.


We should never let bad situations take a toll on us. We should try our level best to rediscover ourselves and move on the positive side. In all our struggles, we should never stay negative but focus on moving to the positive. When nothing goes right, then go left.

So this is when nothing goes right go left!

And lastly, share your “when nothing goes left” story

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Who said that when nothing goes right, go left?

This phrase was a quote by Martha Cecilia

What should I do when nothing goes right?

When you feel that nothing is going right, remember anybody may get to this situation. Then strategize how to get out of the situation, surround yourself with positive people, and trust the process.

What does it mean to go left?

Going left means changing and going on the positive side when everything seems negative. It means to change strategies in your favor.

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