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The Reasons on Why We Fail: The Complete Guide

The Reasons on Why We Fail: The Complete Guide

Underestimating the Process Behind

never underestimate

The reasons on why we fail are definitely a lot, and in this article we try to cover the most common ones, starting with underestimation.

Put yourself in the shoes of successful people and try to live what they experienced, and you will notice shortly how much they sacrificed. It’s never too easy, and it seems so because you have only seen the beautiful shiny side which is success. Yes, it’s easy to watch a bunch of YouTube videos and say I can do the same as this person, and be instantly motivated until you do it and fail. But what we miss here is underestimating what it really takes to make it work!

Here is an example to get the idea that the end result is an illusion, If you really neglect the enormous process behind it. It’s easy to look at Selena Gomez, the Kardashians, Leonardo Dicaprio, PewDiePie and many famous celebrities or whoever you’re looking into, and just say I can do the same. But if you start analyzing things more rationally and ask, how many of them we actually have? you will find out that you’re talking about the elite of the business, comparing yourself to them and thinking that it’s possible to reach and attain their 20, 30 or even more years of experience in under a minute is insane, just think about it!

Go ahead and try it!

Try to post on YouTube or Instagram expecting to get millions of views and likes in a day, a month or a year. If it worked for someone else, it doesn’t mean necessarily it’s going to work for you or me or anybody. The logic implies that you need to figure out a consistent strategy to make it work in your own way.

Nobody will share a failure

Do we really¬† have an idea of how many people actually tried to copy what others are successful in, and it simply didn’t work? Or probably worse, maybe they failed at it miserably and we didn’t even get to hear about it, hence the title.

Nobody is paying attention to the horrible side of things, that’s where underestimation kicks in. The celebrity illustration is put here, because everyone is dreaming about their lifestyle, they’re the faces of the internet and the media, they’re put there basically for comparison, and that’s not healthy for you to compare yourself with them.

So if someone thinks that it’s unfair getting all that money doing “nothing” then he’s a delusional.

Laziness: the Slow Drug

laziness is a disease!

If you have some work to do and you simply don’t do it, that’s called being lazy. If you want to learn a new language or a new skill, and you have the time and capacity to master it but you didn’t, that’s laziness. Laziness comes in many forms, when something is challenging enough, our brains just tend to procrastinate and do little to nothing, especially if it’s not rewarding in the short term (instant gratification).

If you have the chance to get healthy and you keep being lazy, that’s on you. Don’t let that dictate your life to the point where it’s very hard to do little things, try to break the cycle.

Have a plan and a solution for that as soon as possible, don’t be lazy about doing that too. Movies, series, anime, YouTube, video games, and whatever, all of this can wait except your future.

The Art of Fast Adaptation

adaptation is a necessity

Our ancestors did a great job when it comes to adapting and surviving, the ability to adapt to the constant changes around us is a massive leap to success. Everything starts collapsing if you don’t pay attention, why Yahoo, MySpace, Blockbuster, Nokia, Blackberry and countless of other examples just turned to dust, simply because they didn’t adapt and pay attention to the competitors. Big businesses now pay huge amounts of money to the innovation sectors to stay relevant in the long term, and a good example of this is Google.

Working hard is a plus, but working in a smart way is what you need to focus on. You work hard to be famous, but once you’re there, the environment around will shift completely to what you’re used to, we see many people deal with fame issues because they’re facing an unusual condition, those who adapt the quickest are the winners.

We’re living in the era of knowledge, and it’s really easy to get access to everything instantly, but there is a catch to that, which is the fast pace of incoming information. The bottom line is, you need to adapt to your surroundings.

Lack of Planning and Self-Discipline

the reasons on why we fail lack of planning & discipline

The reasons on why we fail continues, and this time we approach the lack of self-discipline and planning. People don’t usually commit to boring stuff due to the repetitive nature of it, like work for example. And for that, we need to break the cycle of boredom when doing the things that matters to us. We need to control our emotions and thoughts, and that’s by adding self-discipline in our lives.

The majority of people have great ideas, but this time, one of the important reasons on why they fail is lack of planning. It’s like you have the pillars of the building, but with no actual building. Let’s say you wanted to cook something, how do you want to achieve that? The simple steps are, getting ingredients (if there is one missing, then you plan on buying it), and if you have all of the ingredients present, then you should know the series of events leading to the final result. So clearly piecing all of this together is very crucial when trying to accomplish something.

Fear of the Unknown

the reasons on why we fail is fear of failure

The fear of failure is already a failure. If you have a strong self-discipline and a fine planning, then what are you afraid of. It’s always a good experience when things turn south, the accumulation of failed events is what led people to success. Having this mentality is what separates successful people from the others, they understand the game better than everyone, that’s due to past fails and experiences.

Being scared won’t help. Instead of asking, well what if it doesn’t work? You should bet on yourself and on what you’re capable to do, assess things logically and start. Of course it has a good chance of not working, but will that stop you from making it happen!

Nothing Comes Easy

patience is the key to success

One of the reasons on why we fail, is not being patient enough. Nothing comes to quick, there are no shortcuts and life is not a movie where the protagonist could manipulate the matrix in under an hour, you probably need more than that.

Time has the power to withdraw every impatient individual who is not ready, there is no secret souce on how to be a millioanire in a six month period working only two hours a day, everyone who is selling that is probably a fake one. Understanding the market and what it takes is a must, anything you want to build will take a good amount of your time. Statistically, the first three years of a business is where most of people quit, knowing that it takes almost five to ten years to reach maturity. This is where planning comes in handy.

Making Excuses Is Easy

Making Excuses Is Easy

People have the tendency of excluding themselves from a failed formula, if it doesn’t go well, then it’s never my fault. Making it always the circumstances fault, well the environment certainly has an impact, you can’t just neglect that. But we’re talking here about the people who are very capable of doing things, instead they prefer to just spit excuses because it’s easy.

Sometimes admitting the failure is the stepping stone for success, complaining about the situation and condition we live in is just a waste of time. Nobody chose the environment surrounding him, the world is unfair and we need to accept that fact.

It’s like we’re put in a maze game, where everyone is in a random situation, and we need to get out of there. What would you do in this one, because complaining, just doesn’t work here. We need to play by the rules of life, there is nothing you can do about it, focus on the things that you can change, while accepting the things you can’t change. Make the best use of the skills you have access to and stop nagging all the time about excuses.

Don’t Expect Something in Return Without Trying

control your expectations

There are a lot of reasons on why we fail, and this one is very easy to explain, how can you achieve something if you didn’t even try it? This is an illustration for it, how can a girl say yes if you didn’t even ask? How can you expect to win a marathon and you’re not participating.

In other words, you need to put the work and the effort to get the things you crave in return, it’s impossible to know if you will succeed at it or not, because simply you didn’t try!

Plus there is an important thing to notice here, which is talk with no show. If you’re the type of dude who constantly talks, but never act, then you need to consider this as a bad habit and work to remove this aspect.

Well that’s the Reasons on Why We Fail

There is certainly countless reasons on why we fail, but we picked the most common as we said!

If you want to check the source, just click HERE.

If you have a funny failure story or a serious one, check our forum HERE and share your story with us!

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