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6 Best Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings for You

6 Best Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings for You

Signs your male friend has feelings for you 🤔

Have you ever had an amazing male friend you felt romantically inclined to but wondered whether he nursed the same feelings for you? During my college days, I had this cool guy friend with whom I frequently hung out. We shared so many interests and even helped each other with school work and academic projects.

Sometimes I felt the need to advance our friendship to more than the casual one that we shared, but then I felt I would embarrass myself or make my friend freak out. I decided to bide my time and watch out if the guy friend showed any signs of wanting to advance the relationship himself and maybe reciprocate.

I couldn’t have known what exactly to watch out for, and therefore it took us three full years to start an intimate relationship. This step was based on a confession made one day on a drunken spree, and I had to hold it against him the following day until he admitted and confessed his true feelings the next day.

I realized we had pent up our feelings for each other for too long, and none of us, especially me knew what to watch out for in the guy to know if he had any feelings for me. If I had known or had a few tips, then those three years of romantic tension would now be blissful memories of the moments we would have shared. This article will discuss what signs to watch out for and probably prevent you from making the mistake I almost made.

Signs your male friend has feelings for you

Wants to spend more time with you

Normal, for a casual friendship, the time we share at work or school or in church or any other social setting should be enough. After time spent together, we should revert to our normal personal lifestyles and momentarily kind of put each other out of our minds signal something deeper.

When and if your male friend does not seem content with the short stints of time you both share at normal routines, he may try to reach out and maybe visit you or invite you over to spend more time together. This closeness means he enjoys being close and together with you and is a sign as clear as day he has feelings for you.

He keeps complimenting you

Every time you have a nice outfit, it gets very normal to get compliments from friends. But you would notice it if this guy always compliments you even when no one else has done.

Other times the compliments may be about other things about you besides dressing, such as your hair, your eyes, your body shape, scent, skin color, among many others. These compliments should ring a bell in your mind. There will be something beyond all those compliments and the fact that he wants to boost your confidence. This affection means he has feelings for you.

You make his mood better.

Does he always come to you when he is having a particularly bad time? You will notice after some time; your friend gets happy as if he didn’t have a foul mood in the first place? His sudden change in mood can only be explained by the fact that something in you turns him on and warms his heart.

This kind of emotional support gets much sought by men from people who have feelings. He might not admit it openly, but this behavior should notify you that your friendship may be worthy of an upgrade to a more intimate relationship.

Restless when around you

When we get nervous, it may be very normal to be restless and fidget when your friend’s hands, fingers, feet, and toes get engaged in involuntary movements that have no practical purpose. Restlessness and fidgeting also should tell you that he has a certain attraction towards you that makes him feel uneasy when around you simply because he may be lost on how to explain his feelings best.

Another reason your male friend may be restless may be because he may be afraid that whatever feelings he may have for you may end up not being reciprocated, and this may make him a bit worried and nervous at the same time.

Social media inclusion

Most of the time in the past, his social media posts were centered on his life alone but recently, in one way or another, he has found a way to include you in his social media life. This inclusion may be through posts tags, shares, joint posts, and other online activities

These actions will be an indirect message to you that you are in his mind and even more interesting that he may be willing to let anyone out there who cares to know about you two. He also wants them to know about your special relationship, which should be more than just friendship.

Introduces you to friends and family

Most of the time, you happen to meet his friends or his family; he gets quick to introduce you without traces of shyness. He even goes further in detail to mention things that you may be good at and makes it obvious how important you might be to him.

 On other occasions, he might always seem to want you to accompany him to his serious events and functions. You will find yourself in weddings, family meetings, burials, graduations, and other social events with family, friends, or colleagues.


Friends would always look out for each other. In cases of threats, whether physical or emotional, they stand up for each other in defense. But when it comes to a male friend being protective towards you, his reasons to protect and the extent to which he goes may well act as a tell-tale sign he is very emotionally inclined towards you.

Seeks your opinion

When a person seeks your opinion about something he intends to do, it means that person cares about your emotions. He also values your input and respects you as an individual. He may even want to know more about you and how you reason. Your male friend may be showing you how willing he will get ready to share much with you, including his life. This act will be an opportunity you may never want to miss.

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Final thought

It would not be hard for you to notice if your male friend has feelings for you. If you know the clear tell-tale signs to look out for, you will find your answer once noted. If you nurse the same emotions, it would be advisable that you reciprocate them to avoid the much unnecessary romantic tension prevailing in your current relationship.

What signs show that your long-distance male friend has feelings for you?

Given the long distance between the two of you, he would always be calling or texting. You will often notice that he texts at odd hours, such as late in the night and in the morning.

What signs show that your guy friend is falling for you?

There will be many things that may show you that your guy friend is falling for you. This sign starts from increased attention to the much time he wants to spend with you. His inclusion of you in his affairs and the shrinking personal space between both of you, among many other things, signify he may be falling for you.

What signs show that your male friend has feelings for you through text?

He texts back fairly quickly and may start flirting in his texts. He will also text you good morning and good night and wants to know more about you.

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