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How do you make a girl jealous to realize that you are the one? PART 1

How do you make a girl jealous to realize that you are the one? PART 1

When I was growing up, we used the jealousy trick with a couple of my friends to attract girls. This trick used to work most of the time. One time, my friend Mike got two girls fighting over him. He felt so supreme, and many guys envied him.

The fighting girls were both beautiful and every man’s dream. Mike was fast to tell anyone who cared to listen that the girls were fighting over him. Do you also wish you could get here someday? Don’t worry. This article will provide you with these most successful tips for making a girl jealous enough to commit to you. They will realize that you may become the one they have searched for a long time.

This topic has had a big audience over the years. Over the internet, you find that both ladies and men want to make their previous partners jealous enough to choose them over others or come back after separation. Over one hundred million people have searched this topic on the internet, meaning we need to address this fully. This article will discuss several practical tips crucial in making any girl jealous enough to realize that you are the item of their desire. Among the recommendations, we will discuss the following.

  • The big mistake that you should avoid
  • Your social media platform with a fantastic profile may attract multiple girls your way.
  • There are various ways to make your crush fall in love with you quickly.
  • Methods that will make your ex come back into your arms.
  • More fleshy insights about jealousy.

It may be essential to recognize that this article lacks insinuative gender bias, and the fact that men want to make women jealous does not mean women cannot choose other people or even make men jealous.

The big mistake to avoid as of a girl jealousy

In the first place, when you are trying to make a girl jealous, the main objective is to make her fall in love with you. Instead, some other adverse reaction, say, emotionally or even sometimes physically, is born. That will be the mother of all come-downs. My dating coach said that when a house of cards collapses, it’s a mess, but when a house of jealousy collapses, it’s bullshit.

For two years until today, I had a crush on a particular girl who lived in the same building. I greeted her every time we met and even waved at her when she relaxed on her balcony. Despite the many brief greetings and faked smiles, she remained disinterested, and this pained me. I reckoned she might be thinking I am boring company or just not the type liked by girls.

To prove a point, for the next two months, I made it home with a couple of different girls. I also made sure she saw me, and at some point, I started seeing the interest I wanted from her. Instinctively, she chatted with me for longer, and I got her number and a date to match.

On the day of the date, things escalated from casual friendliness to fondness with a promise of future intimacy. We even kissed slightly. But she seemed to be holding back. I hinted that I dated some other girls but casually. She seemed kind of okay with that.

But because I had wanted her all for myself, I wanted her without holding back. So I decided to continue with my petty womanizing to spike her further. Chance had it that one day she caught me kissing a girl in the hallway towards my room. Of course, I had known she would see me because I was timing her. Whatever followed taught me a lesson in caution and always be on the lookout for such negativity in the future. The girl called me names, swore in the most profane manner that even cast the devil himself in the shades. I also got a dirty slap across my face, which meant a black eye the following day.

This example forms an example of the mistake you must watch out not to commit. Beware of creating and arousing negativity when your real intentions make the girl both love and want you but not insult and slap you. Precisely, this forms why you must be alert and able to read the signs that the said girl is already aligned with you and stop without taking it too far to a point where she may behave negatively.


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