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How to Tell if a Girl Doesn’t Like You: 7 Obvious Reasons

How to Tell if a Girl Doesn’t Like You: 7 Obvious Reasons

A girl doesn’t like you?

It gets to a time in a romantic relationship that people get intimately detached. Men will go that extra mile in trying to please a woman even after she has fallen out of love with them. This struggle may be heartbreaking when you realize that she didn’t reciprocate your feelings later.

A woman might lose interest in a mail and find it hard to tell them the truth. This article will help to put the facts out there. What signs should show you without any reasonable doubt that a girl doesn’t like you?

These signs will help you move on with your life rather than spend a lot of time pleasing someone who will never love you back.

Signs she doesn’t like you

She never compliments you

Having spent a lot of time as a marriage and relationships counselor, I have received this complaint from many guys. One man once told me that his wife no longer told him he looked good, never corrected him, nor choose the best outfit for him anymore.

This scenario was hurting him, and he thought it was the reason his wife wanted a divorce. The painful fact, however, was that his wife had stopped loving him. Or she no longer felt attracted to him romantically.

In this regard, if you find that your woman or girl no longer compliments you like she used to, something has drifted you apart. This reaction happens to be the first sign of a failing relationship. If you don’t get that attention that brought these compliments, you might be watering a dead plant.

You don’t seem to succeed in making a heart-to-heart conversation

Technology has contributed to why people no longer make the small close talks that bring a couple together. You will find that while you are busy on WhatsApp and Facebook, your girl is socializing on TikTok or Instagram. You don’t get a humble time to talk about your personal life or watch the moon together at night, sharing hearty conversations.

It might be a red sign if you held these close talks, and she suddenly stops. Psychological studies show that communicating with each other paves the way for understanding a woman. You will never find the wifely or girlfriend qualities you need in a woman if she makes communication hard.

If you don’t find a way to beyond the casual talk into the girl’s heart and mind, it may be a strong indication that the girl doesn’t like you. A woman opens up to a man he finds attractive and a potential boyfriend or woman.

Communication should never go below the 20% mark. If you get to be the one to ask every question and get a one-sentence direct response, this might be your percentage. If you have not yet married, consider aborting the mission. If you have already married, you may need to investigate why your wife has grown cold with you. Sometimes a little effort to amend a misunderstanding might save your marriage.

You don’t feel special around her

Every man needs to feel unique around his lady or girl. In most cases, women reciprocate this feeling by doing things that end up making you feel special. For instance:

  • She studies you, and after knowing your favorite meal, she will often make it for you.

  • She would go to the extent of planning you a surprise party to celebrate your birthday.

  • Send you sweet appreciation messages when you do good things to her.

  • Compliment you in front of family and colleagues, making you feel special even more.

If she stops doing these things for you, then there will be no doubt you have stopped making her happy. You may start feeling not special around her anymore. If this happens to a married guy, call your mind into a meeting and rectify where you might be going wrong.

This unique treatment stops for a reason. When women feel offended, they might stop doing the good things to make you feel special.

If a girl you intend to groom never makes you feel special, then it might be an indication that she doesn’t like you. Evaluate yourself, and if you find yourself in such a scenario where even after trying to please her, she makes no effort to make you feel special, it would be best to look for an alternative. All parties should reciprocate love.

She acts as though she doesn’t need your attention

One time, my friend had a very concerning situation. He saw this lady that he had to beg to take her out for dinner. Or sometimes, it could be anything that suggested an interest in her. On the contrary, the lady never acted to indicate that she needed his attention.

If he never texted or called, then they would stay silent for weeks, even months. I professionally pointed to him that this didn’t show love and that if a lady doesn’t give you attention or doesn’t need any from you, it will not work. It turned out to be true.

If a lady gives you no attention and behaves as though you don’t exist, then it will signify that they give their attention to someone they find unique and deserving. Don’t waste your time or hurt over such a girl. Let this serve as an indication that she doesn’t like you. So, try finding love somewhere else as early as possible and save yourself from heartache.

The relationship doesn’t have an intimate attraction

The most vital interest from a lady who finds you special gets to be physical intimacy. Did you know physical intimacy may make a relationship thrive even when you face disagreements? As a couple, it doesn’t prove easy to always agree on everything. But when you share an intimate physical relationship, you tend to forgive quickly and stay in love.

All men should learn not to marry a woman they don’t feel a physical intimacy. For a relationship to survive, you need to bear a mutual feeling of physical intimacy.

She no longer finds you a priority

You will be her priority if you need to know that a girl values you and intends your relationship to go to the next step. A woman who finds you a priority will create time out of her busy schedule to be with you.

In most cases, if a lady doesn’t find you intimate and special, she will not take you as a priority too. She may be romantically involved with another person she finds attracted to and may create time for them. If your lady doesn’t prioritize you, she will not attend your dinner nights or plans to be with her.

The excuses, in this case, will be very shallow. If this happens with a lady you may consider getting serious with, it will help you reconsider your choice.

If it’s your wife, who has stopped making you a priority, going for vacations to reconnect might be helpful.

She has no future commitments with you

A woman, who likes you, will be interested in your future endeavors. She will commit to wanting to build a future with you. Before I married my wife, she had planned our children’s names, chosen our honeymoon destination, and opened a joint account for us to save for our future home.

If a woman shows interest in things concerning your future together, she likes you. If these topics never arise, then your girl might not like you.

Final thought

Before you commit to a woman, ensure she reciprocates your feelings. If she shows the signs we have discussed in this article, she might not like you. It will be best if you considered building a relationship with other people and avoid heartache. 

Can you tell that a girl doesn’t like you over text?

If a girl may fail to reply to your text or answer lightly with little emotion, she definitely may not like you.

How can you attract a girl who doesn’t like you?

Attracting and creating a relationship with a person who doesn’t like you may be draining. They may never see your effort in doing good things for them. To attract them, continue doing nice things for them, although it may never bear fruits.

What are the signs a girl doesn’t like you?

If a girl doesn’t like you, she will show the most signs discussed in this article. She will not commit to you, consider you a priority, or even make you feel special.

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