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How do you make a girl jealous to realize that you are the one? PART 2

How do you make a girl jealous to realize that you are the one? PART 2

How to generate jealousy with the snap of a finger for any man should be as follows

When you want a girl, but she gets very elusive, the more desperate you look, the harder it will be for you to get her. No matter how pitiful you look, how hard you beg, or how low you grovel, she will be the more disinterested in you.

Come to think of it. When you have a roadside stand selling snacks, you are new, and business becomes very slow. You want new customers. So what do you do? You don’t stand by the food stand and start, “please, shop at my stand, please.” Why?  Because once you do so, the potential customers may believe that your products are not any fun. You may look very desperate, and some may even question the quality of your commodities.

Now, if you had a better strategy, you find a way to attract a crowd or line to your stand. That way, passers-by and potential customers may join in believing that your goods must be fun for people to line up for them.

The same strategy applies to a girl you want to make jealous to the point that she fancies and wants you. When you beg her, it doesn’t work. So you create around yourself a crowd of other girls. The girl you desire will most likely believe you must be a lot of fun for all those girls to be after you. That alone will make her easier to approach and win. In the best-case scenario, she might be the one who comes first to seek your acquaintance.

The celebrity effect

Everyone has a celebrity they like. Public figures abound even that are appreciated by millions of followers of both genders. Now such a celebrated person, like, say, the basketball player Osbon James, would more easily arouse jealousy among any woman. When he may approach a particular lady locally, sooner or later, the lady must be thinking of how many other women he may have beside her. Why? Because there is only one Osbon James, he may get held with a very high social status and respect.

That brings us to the two main components of eliciting such jealousy, namely scarcity and high value. Let us take the simple example of a gold watch versus a candy bar in evaluating the implications of lacking and value in inciting jealousy. If you are my friend and you buy a bar of candy, I may not be jealous of you since I can go to any corner store and pick mine at a low price. On the contrary, if you happen to come around with a gold watch, I might be jealous since acquiring such may call for a lot of expense and even difficulty locating.

You may have to practice the mindset of a celebrity with the perfect scarcity and value balance. If you bear other people’s perspectives, it will be easy to arouse jealousy from any girl you want to get involved in your life.

How do you get back your loved one using the jealousy technique?

Have you ever been left by a girl you loved so much? What was your reaction? Most of us, when dumped by a girl we love, turn into destructive tendencies. And, these habits like alcoholism and even drown ourselves in unknown misery.

Last summer, my girlfriend, who we worked with in the same department, jilted me with funny claims. She argued that our relationship would run down our careers. So she dumped me and left me very discouraged because I loved her very much. The memories I had of her made me want to have a back.

At my age, I have been through countless break-ups, and the drunkenness that followed only served to make matters worse. So this time around, I chose composure and put intense effort into my job and day-to-day social life. The resultant effect brought much-needed leverage. In a month, I earned a promotion and became a supervisor to my ex. I was also doing great physically in a yoga class and had started dating casually.

Though my ex suffered no animosity or criticism under my supervision, my changed lifestyle altogether astonished her. When she once jokingly asked how I had done that so fast, my response was that I was dating someone who inspired the best out of me. That response incited the reaction I wanted. She began warming up to me relatively fast. Her behavior suggested she might want a chance back in my life to prove she was better than whoever I claimed to be seeing. She got it, and we were back.

So when your girl leaves you next time, don’t run yourself down with worry and liquor. Start working on yourself. So well that when she sees you, she questions her decision and the fact that someone is doing a much better job of you. The moment that jealousy sets in, it may be the opening you need to win your ex back.


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