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How do you make a girl jealous to realize that you are the one? PART 3

How do you make a girl jealous to realize that you are the one? PART 3

Flirt with many to seduce one

Jealous? Flirting and seduction may be very different, but to most men, the line that separates them proves thin and hard to recognize.  I would like us to know their true meaning and application and how the former can work for the latter.

Flirting is the general day-to-day mannerisms and way of speech we share with any woman. Flirting will be simply for entertainment and making the other person feel better. You can flirt with anybody since there is no motive you aim to achieve with whoever you are flirting your life.

On the other hand, seduction is the art of wooing a lady with the specific objective of making her your partner. You cannot seduce every woman you mean if you are a practical and respectable person.

For a bystander, it may be easy to confuse flirting for seduction since the motive at heart is abject. Where does jealous come into all these? Very simple. The many women you flirt with are the bait to incite feelings of jealousy into the one girl you intend to seduce. When you begin your seduction, she may reckon that you are famous and likable, values that will make her more content and even grateful to have won you despite the many admirers.

Therefore you stand advised to play by these simple rules and not again transgress the now meaningful boundary between flirting and seduction.

The power of social media

It would help if you accepted that nowadays, the internet is awash with dating sites and countless social platforms where people get to meet. Most ladies have turned to media stalkers, where certain men have fashioned their social media life to attract their hordes.

Even amongst us in the society, many of the dates we go to and some successful couples we know of resulted from social media influence peddling and activity.

You ask yourself where jealousy comes in with social media. Now that you know very well that the girl you are after is on social media, there might be a way you fashion your posts in such a way that will make her jealous and, more importantly, want to live the life you are living with you.

There are countless strategies to achieve these fetes, but posing for pictures with other girls is outdated in the current fast-phased online life. To make her green with jealousy, make a point to take these pictures at social functions and events like parties, sports events, hikes, and the like so that the many different girls available get accidentally captured.

She will begin to reason jealously. Of all the women accidentally captured in his many posts, there must be one or two or several he is involved in their lives. With that jealousy, she may initiate contact, then a date, and then you have the girl.

Although it cannot be guaranteed, it might work and gets worth trying.

Is there anything like natural jealousy?

You don’t have to pretend to be a nice person when you are. Similarly, when you happen to be a good person, attractive and your life is naturally surrounded by girls, maybe from a large family or school and work. All of the above might, in a way, create jealousy in a girl. Unfortunately, you may want to be involved with the same girl.

 The only reason we call it natural is that you did not intend to create it in the first place. But it is never wrong to love someone who has fallen for you due to the same.

Additionally, suppose you are an outspoken, outgoing, and straightforward man. In that case, you will be victim to natural jealousy that comes your way for the many ladies that surround your life or career, like how ladies may be jealous of a lady anchoring news in a TV station with a striking, attractive male co-anchor.

Summary of the tips

  • Big mistake to avoid
  • Generating jealousy with the snap of a finger
  • The celebrity effect
  • Getting back your loved one
  • Flirt with many to seduce one
  • The power of social media
  • Jealousy in its natural form

Frequently asked questions

How do you make a girl jealous and even want you more?

You make sure you seem fun enough and so great company that you cannot stop attracting many girls around you. Then, given a chance, she is bound to want you more to prevent you from looking sideways.

How do you positively express jealousy?

First, you may have to practice and accept that jealous doesn’t have to be wrong. Ask some questions about it and avoid using jealousy either negatively or inciting a negative result.

Final thought

In this article, you may have realized that jealousy can be a significant abject value that you can use to bring the girl you have always wanted to your arms. In the first tip, you get reminded of how important it is to use the same jealousy to a point where it brings harmful results. When you apply the information in your day-to-day life, make it a point to exercise self-criticism and avoid unnecessary negativity.

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