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7 Best Reasons Why a Guy Texts You Everyday

7 Best Reasons Why a Guy Texts You Everyday

So when a guy texts you everyday what does that mean?

In days long past before the onset of cellular phone technology, socializing was on a person-to-person basis. Anyone interested in you had to create a platform for the same, and dating became an important and inevitable stage for any potential lovers.

Nowadays, when a guy approaches you, the only thing he intends to requests maybe your phone number. It has even become the norm where guys chase after numbers than the person-to-person interaction, which may be more bonding.

So how did the phone number and texting era replace the pickup lines and dates that make relationships more self-appealing? I one day woke up and found my inbox full of texts from a guy I had always considered casually. Throughout the day, I kept wondering why he keeps texting. Sometimes even at very odd hours.

Some of us even fail to interpret the innocent or rather noble intention the guy might have had. We get irritated and annoyed, and at some point, altercations may occur. All at the expense of a mutually fulfilling relationship you both could have enjoyed had you understood why he texts every day.

So in this article, let’s discuss some of the reasons why a guy texts you every day.

Reasons on why he texts me every day?

To talk about day-to-day life

Have you ever lived alone and had no one to talk to about your day-to-day life? I would get home from a long and rough day at work only to be gnawed at by the loneliness and lack of someone to confide. At such moments I would scroll my phonebook and hit up a friend via text.

Equally possible, your guy might only want someone to talk to about his day-to-day life. It would be normal and considerate to reply to his texts and at least be kind to him. Perhaps and hopefully, your relationship might eventually progress into something more given time.

To Flirt with you in texts and pictures

Not essentially lewd, but if he keeps texting and sending suggestive pictures, it could mean that he might be attempting to upgrade your level of interaction. I like funny pictures and memes, and I have several friends who share the same interest.

The fact that we share our liking of funny pictures and memes has improved our relationship to a point where it may not be a mere friendship. The same could happen to you if your guy friend were into the same.

To show reference of you in his texts

How the guy refers to you anytime he texts might help you know why he keeps texting you in the first place. My college deskmate and I used to text each other late into the night. The more we got to chat, his reference of me turned from my official name to my nickname and later to more endearing terms such as dear and darling. That way, I got to understand that he had feelings for me. So the words he uses to refer to you from time to time become essential for you to gauge his true motives.

To gauge your response

An email, letter, or even a simple text, if not responded to, creates a questionable gap in the entire essence of communication. Have you ever known a guy who would sulk the whole day or become decidedly edgy simply because at some point you didn’t reply to his text?

Whether you fail to reply on purpose or by mistake, the other party feels entitled to some explanation. If the guy demands responses or gets offended when he lacks a reply, sometimes fast replies, he may like you.

Seeks your opinion on more critical issues

We take texting as a social interaction platform. Likewise, it may also be a platform across which issues of great importance and details get discussed. These issues may have a significant impact on our personal life. When a guy seeks your opinion on similar matters through texts, texting you is not always for fun purposes.

He might also mean that he values and respects your intellect and person. Take it if a guy texts you to help him choose between two careers, two investments, or two medical decisions. He may be suggesting that whatever relationship the two of you have may progress to a more permanent one gauging the amount of trust he has in you.

When there may be no physical interaction

After one full year of texting back and forth, something seemed to form. We had shared stories, pictures, and even secrets of our lives. I still waited for the day he would express interest in meeting me in person. It turned out I had placed a bet on a wild horse. I had to recuse myself from the relationship with incredible difficulty.

Does he only want to text?  He never uses the opportunity to suggest anything physical like a meet, dinner, or something outdoor. You may be suitable to consider his texting for fun, and essentially no need to advance the relationship any further than a casual friendship.

When you never text first

It may sound funny, but I had this guy friend who we could not text each other at one time. Why? We never did because no one of us wanted to seem desperate enough to text first. So we waited and waited, and that way, we later drifted apart.

If his ego does not get the better of him and he never becomes shy of initiating text, then there might be a possibility he likes you. If he gets given a chance, your relationship may grow notably.

Guy texts you everyday To be Comical

Before the onset of texting, most pickup lines were based on comedy and quite laughable. The exact nature of the approach may be depicted in texts and may mean a guy is making passes at you. It may be advisable, however, not to let such fun lead you to regrettable acts.

Final thought

There may be myriad reasons why a guy texts you every day. Some could be simple and others complicated. First, it becomes essential for you to understand why he would be texting you by watching out for the signs we discussed above. If the motives get appreciated and reciprocated, then it means good for both of you. On the contrary, if you don’t feel the need to entertain the same, it would be advisable to communicate your concerns respectfully.  

What does it mean if he texts you every day?

It may mean, among many things, that he likes you. Gauging on the content and frequency of the texts, you may be able to realize whether to take him seriously or ignore him.

What does it mean if a guy texts you every day but does not ask you out?

Has any guy ever texted you every day but never at one time requested to meet you or take you out to dinner. You have every reason to believe that he may not be ready to start anything either severe or permanent.

Why would a guy randomly message me?

In some cases, it may be an error in dialing the number, and in some other cases, it may be an expression of personal interest, such as hidden feelings for you.

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